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About Us

Expert in garment packaging….

We are a leading company in the supply of garment packaging products. We specialize in the garment industry, so we are aware of the importance of labeling and packaging for branding in the garment industry. Branding of a product is recognized by its labeling and packaging which creates a recognition for consumers as a brand and benefits a retailer. We cater to all requirements of retailers to help them create their brand recognition globally .

Our company provided services around the world , ensuring a wide range of expertise with the knowledge of labeling and packaging preferences around the world. we have the resources to help flourish garment retailers with the most updated packaging needs in the rapidly changing industry. Technology helps us keep up with the rapid changes in this industry and we use the latest production tools to reduce downtime and help our customers to remain in charge of their supply chains. We invest time into our training and development to ensure our customers the best service and expertise. Almost over a decade in this business we are well aware of having a motivated and well trained team under us.

Our products have been tried and tested over and over again for reliability, tenacity and performance. we are committed to provide excellent customer service , most innovative solutions and products at competitive prices.

We are also committed to provide a fast delivery of our products worldwide to our customers. With the staggering growth of exporting in the garment industry , we are capable of honoring orders of any size and needs , we also help in providing the best possible solutions to our customer's needs. We are a major supplier for laundry services and major brands around the globe.